Nice walk near Limerick

View of Killaloe from Ballina

Folding Instructions (just print this A4 landscape)

Folding instructions

What is this?

This is a Zine, a wee diy magazine, by myself, to show off the pictures I took on a nice day out I had while based in Limerick. I'm using a magical CSS thing called Zine Machine to make it so that this reads nicely online, and also prints out well (Landscape A4). This one is about a nice walk I went on at Killaloe and Moylussa. I have included some vague directions, use a proper map before you go, Google the route, and check the forecast, rather than trusting this entirely.

A view from most of the way up Moylussa. You park at Ballycuggaran Forest and go up the hill (hint: follow the signs).

Moylussa has nice views:

If it weren't for cloud, you'd see Killaloe (I think) Partially clouded view of Lough Derg
Moylussa sign nailed to a tree, pointing right

Follow the sign, it'll take you to a trail which takes you to the boardwalk to the summit.

Foggy mountaintop with a boardwalk and 2 people away off in the fog

Now, if you want to go to Killaloe, go back down to the sign in the previous picture again, and instead of going back where you came, take the fork to your right. This will take you down a long, windy farm track.

Muddy farm track towards Killaloe

This is an official path, but goes through a lot of fields, so close the gates behind you and keep an eye out for any farm animals. Eventually you'll get onto a tarmac road, and there'll be signs for Killaloe, follow them. It's a nice walk, but watch out for cars.

When you get to Killaloe have a break, then go for a walk along the river/canalbank.

View of bridges on canal View from Ballina of eel fishery and cathedral
Another canal picture