The Carrynick Universe

The major defining idea of the Carrynick universe is that it's as if someone, tomorrow, decided to pull all the plugs, helped along by explosives planted during the Cold War in order to salt the earth for invaders, leaving nothing to enjoy or profit from. It's primarily set in Ireland, with a lot of the major action and characters having some relation to a village in the Sperrins called Carrynick.

Effectively, the world has been sent back to the 1910s, with the only consistency being inconsistency. Some areas managed to keep electricity going to some extent, others are back to carrying buckets from wells. There's some mad techheads trying to claw back anything they can, but it's moving slowly for them.

There's little oil available, thanks to some doomsday sea mine system blocking the major sea routes, of unknown origin, excepting a widely copied page from an intelligence report that says that it was almost certainly made in the last 10 years, and deployed by submarine. Mysteriously, all the biggest refineries went up in smoke at the same time, as well as most of the pipelines and infrastructure.

Broadly speaking, the world was sent directly back to farmers and warlords, and it was no fun for most people, and especially those who clung to ideologies through it all. Every idea had to be respun in light of the evidence around them, and other than a few lucky dreamers, it is a world for the pragmatic and vicious.

What's been written in the Carrynick universe so far:

  1. A horrible draft of how the whole disaster setup unfolds.

  2. 4 chapters of a much less horrible, but much harder work, story set 5 years after global collapse. If finished, it might even be saleable.

  3. Water Rats which is decent enough to throw at the world (I think), and enjoyable for me to put together (currently). It also is set about 5 years after collapse.

That's it so far. If I was asked to pin a genre on it, Hard Dieselpunk is what I'd call it.