Film Photography things!

Here I'm going to put some of the things I've learnt in the course of messing with film cameras since February 2020. This is as much for personal documentation as anything else.

My Development chart

This is entirely subjective to my setup, your mileage may vary. All numbers are derived from Ilford's own datasheets. I've been using my Paterson System 4 tank, with agitation by 4 inversions at the start, then 4 every minute thereafter. (Agitated the 2374 Sound recording half as much)

Film  Shot at  Expiry  Shot in  Developer Dev temp (degrees Celsius) Developer dilution Developer time (minutes)  
 Kentmere Pan 400  400  2025  2021  Ilfosol 3  20 1+9 6:30  
 HP5+ 400  200  2003  2021  Ilfosol 3  14 1+9 11:00  
 Kodak 2374 Sound Recording  100  ?  2021  Euro HC  18 1+63 11:00  
 Fomapan Action 400  320  2024  2021  Euro HC  20 1+31 6:00  


Advice: if you are going to dev using a Paterson tank, get an AP spiral for it. No sense suffering in the dark, trying to cut the leader off level when you can feed in the leader and all and it'll just work.


Kodak 2374 Sound Recording

I really like the contrast this gives, minimal grain at decent speed. You must be aware of the centre markings and shoot accordingly

Pictures were taken on Canon EOS 5 with kit zoom. Developed as per table above. Negatives were dirty when scanning, I need to do something about that

Fomapan Action 400 shot at 320 ISO

Shot on my Minolta 7000 with 50mm 1.7

Shot on Agat 18 (Half frame with 28mm f/2.8 lens)

Cameras and Lenses

My kit as of 1/3/2022

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