1 Samuel 31

What prediction of David respecting Saul was now about to be fulfilled? ch. 26. 10.

What is said of the success of the Philistines in the engagement?

Whom was Saul constrained to see fall before his eyes?

What did he desire of his armor-bearer, and did he obtain his request? N.B. The Jews have a tradition that Sauls armor-bearer was no other than Doeg, the Edomite.

What was the fate of both of them at last?

What is elsewhere said of the procuring cause of Saul's death? 1 Chron. 10. 13, 14.

What effect had the defeat of Saul's army upon the adjacent country?

Does reference seem to be had to this long after by one of the prophets ? Hos. 13. 10. 11

What was done by the Philistines the next day and subsequently?

How were the remains of Saul and his sons rescued from the Philistines, and what was done with them?

What was their motive in this act of kindness? ch.ll.

Had the Philistines very little reason to boast of this victory? 2 Sam. 5. 17—25.

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