From whom is this book entitled, and what evidence is there as to its authorship! ch. 1. 1. N. B. His name signifies, comfort of the Lord.

At what time does it resume the history of the returned Jews, and how far does it carry it down? N. B. The date of its commencement, according to Prideaux, is about one year after the close of Ezra’s history, and it extends onward through a period of 36 years, terminating precisely at the same point with the expiration of the first seven of Daniel’s seventy weeks—during which " the street was to be built again, and the wall even in troubulous times." Dan. 9. 25.

What are its general contents’? N. B. The building and fioishing of the wall in spite of the opposition they met with—the reading of the laws in a public assembly—the people’s renewal of their ancient engagements—the resettling of the city—and the reformation of abuses.

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